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Elegant Camps Bay wedding

The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay

This Couple who had a lovely camps bay wedding at the well known The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay. After a ceremony at the quaint Tokai Stone chapel, a hundred meters from The Range. The Bride was escorted down the Isle by her father to the sounds of live violin music. The chapel was surrounded but orchids and fresh flowers in blooms of orange and pink. I could have not seen a bigger smile on this grooms face as he saw his bride, a gleam sparkling in his eye as he saw the love of his life walking down the isle, Throughout the ceremony they shared glances of smiles and secret whispers to each other in a touching ceremony. after the ceremony we took some photos at the gardens in cape town before moving on to the reception in camps bay. In a huge elegant hall the reception took place with family and friends. We managed to sneak outside to the balcony with the bride and groom for some quick sunset shots before returning to cut the cake and finish of the evening with with dancing and toasts from the family.



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