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The range Tokai

My first Muslim Wedding

This one was a new one for me, a 14 hour Muslim wedding, I was second photographer and remained with the bride while the other photographer was with the groom for the ceremony. It was such a new experience for me and the elation on the new brides face when she received the phone call from her husband that they where now married. When the groom arrived there was a small ceremony between them and then we took some photos and then moved onto the family’s houses for brunch. the reception was only later that day and we had some time to meet the family and relax and get to know everyone. From there we moved onto the range where the reception would take place to take some photos before in the forest and fields. Forests are one of my favorite places to take photos. The reception carried on way past midnight when the bride and groom where gifted a house from the family as a new start.



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